About Familljekompis

Make a difference with Familjekompis

Do you want to meet new people and make a difference in a simple way, while making a big difference in people's lives?

Familjekompisoffers families - those who are new in Sweden as well as long-established Swedish families - an opportunity to get to know each other, increase understanding and create warm connections with people. Your family will get new perspectives by meeting a family from another culture and background!

How does it work?

  • Sign up to be matched

    After you sign up you will be matched with another family

  • Come to a family meet-up

    You’ll be invited to a meet-up wit the family you’ve been matched with, and several other families, to enjoy great food, "fika" (Swedish word for having coffee/tea) and kid’s activities and play.

  • Get to know each other

    Get to know your Family Buddies in a relaxed setting, with activities that you yourself agree on.

Family experiences for a friendlier Sweden

Your family will gain new perspectives by spending good times with a family from another background and with other experiences. Maybe it's the beginning of a new friendship ?!

Our hope is that you can and want to meet up with your Family Buddies at least twice, in order to get to know each other. No matter how many times you meet and what you do, you’ll get to experience things together and help make Sweden a little warmer and friendlier.

Who can join?

All families are welcome to join Family Buddies. All that is needed is you being open to getting to know another family in relaxed settings. For those of you who are new in Sweden, Family Buddies is also a chance to develop your grasp of the Swedish language. However, you’ll need basic knowledge of Swedish so that language does not become a barrier when your families are trying to get to know each other. Most families who are new in Sweden and join Family Buddies have been in Sweden for two to five years.

Where are we?

So far, Family Buddies is not established in all of Sweden, but we are constantly growing. If you can’t find your home town, sign up anyway and we will let you know as soon as Family Buddies is established where you live.

History of Family Buddies

The idea for a Family Buddies came up in the city of Örebro in 2017, inspired by the initiative Culture Buddies, a project where people who are new in Sweden are matched with people who are established in Sweden, for joint experiences that build both friendship and new knowledge.

The basic idea of Family Buddies was to create opportunities for families new to Sweden and families who are established in Sweden to meet, become friends and contribute to a more open, warm and friendly society. Family Buddies first started in the city of Örebro, which is seen as many as a very segregated city, lacking natural spaces where Swedes with different backgrounds, cultures and experiences can get to know each other. The pilot project in Örebro was successful. Family Buddies then quickly spread to more places, and is now growing rapidly.

Family Buddies was founded by Bilda, one of ten study associations in Sweden that offers ”folkbildning”; courses, study circles and cultural activities. The concept of folk education is difficult to translate into other languages. It's about people learning new things through experiences from and with each other, not through teaching in a classroom.

Folkbildning plays an important part in Sweden’s efforts to reach the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development, Agenda 2030. We are glad that Family Buddies can contribute to reaching the goals.